North Alabama Black-Out

Well, here I am in a restaurant, writing a post because of a black-out that has spread across several counties. It gives us the SLIGHTEST possible taste of Medieval Times, but not that much. If you poked your head out a window at night, you’d be astounded! The darkness is incredible. You could see an incredible amount of stars. This is an EXTREMELY rare chance in a city. It shows us how REAL nighttime is. I think it’s kind of fun! 🙂
Although many of you probably don’t think so, use your imaginations and make the best of it, and you’ll have fun! It was funny when the power came back on, because I was so used to the dim lighting, and the brightness of the light bulbs surprised me!

Through the Wind Goddess’s Kindness

Long ago, when life was beginning, the gods were busy creating the world. Circell, goddess of the wind, created birds and the like; Hieraco, god of the sea, formed the marine creatures and fish; Ranna, goddess of the earth, materialized the land animals with pure will; and Teyru, god of fire, breathed life into all these creatures and gave them light and warmth. Each was content with their lot of makings. One day, Ranna and Hieraco were arguing with one another of who was greater. Usually, the four were all kind and loving gods, but those two often fell victim to pride between one another. During their battle, the seas stormed, the waters raged, the earth rumbled and split. Soon, Teyru came between them, took them up to his perch in the sky, and showed them how their power was equal on the world. Ranna and Hieraco, embarrassed and ashamed at their doings, still had flickers of anger and pride in them. So they cast their emotions upon poor Teyru, accusing him of jealousy for their power and knowing nothing. At this, even the peaceful god of fire became enraged, and blindly rushed into war against them. Mountains erupted, shattering the earth; seas boiled away in the terrible heat, and the world perished amongst the flames. Even the deities of earth and water suffered in the inferno, and only then did they see their wrongdoing. They had been unaware of the magnitude of this great fire god’s power, and they begged for mercy and forgiveness. But Teyru was past reasoning, so vast was his anger. When at last, the world was almost entirely destroyed, finally, Circell intervened. With her steady, cool, soothing hand, she smothered the flames and gently blew out the fires. She rested her fingers upon Teyru’s brow and caressed them. Under Circell’s healing hand, Teyru awoke from his rage. The wind goddess then pushed the rainclouds to the desert where there had once been ocean, and filled the basin with water. She cooled the burning lava, forming new land to replace the old. When she returned to the other gods, they prostrated themselves in front of her, for they knew that the most gentle deity, instead of through rash anger and vanity, had revealed her superior strength through the wisest methods unselfishly.

The Foreign Language Post!

Γεια σας. Είμαι Βέρντι! Αυτή η θέση είναι γραμμένο στα ελληνικά. Δεν θα ήταν δροσερό εάν θα μπορούσατε να το διαβάσετε; Οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι είναι γοητευμένος από διαφορετικές γλώσσες. Αλλά νομίζω ότι θα πρέπει να αποκτήσουν πλήρη έλεγχο τη γλώσσα μας πρώτα, πριν το κυνήγι, μετά των ξένων. 🙂

Hello. I am Verdi! This post is written in Greek. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could read it? Most people are fascinated by different languages. But I think that we should fully master our own language first, BEFORE hunting after foreign ones. 🙂

안녕하세요. 나는 베르디 있어요! 이 게시물은 한국어로 작성된 것입니다. 당신이 그것을 읽을 수있다면 멋질 것 같지 않아? 대부분의 사람들은 서로 다른 언어에 매료됩니다. 하지만 난 우리가 충분히 우리 자신의 언어를 먼저 외국의 것들 후 전에 사냥을 마스터해야한다고 생각합니다. 🙂

I tacked this post on because it’s in my parents’ language and I wanted something that was not ENTIRELY illegible to me. And it was also sentimentally attractive. 🙂 Also, I’m not saying foreign languages AREN’T interesting. 😉

This post is in Korean, but it is not entirely correct because I used those unreliable translation sites. How do I know, you ask? Because I can read and speak in Korean myself. Even though I am not that great in this language myself, I know enough that some of the Korean sentences above are not grammatically correct. So, for future reference please do not use translation websites to decipher foreign languages. Ask a native speaker.

Digital Footprints

When I looked up my name and Huntsville, AL, I didn’t find anything with about me. It’s probably because I don’t put personal information online that much. I only put real info. where it is needed. The only real online “interactive”  things I do are blogging here and gmail. I also have several Poptropica accounts, but those don’t have any personal info.

My Blog Avatar

Many of you would be wondering “Hey, why do you have a POKEMON on your blog?” Well, the reason is quite simple: I LOVE pokemon! Definitely NOT the show though; that’s just terrible!!! They never have ANYTHING right! But I love the games and concept. Growlithe, my avatar, is my favorite pokemon. Yes, that’s right, I’m not ashamed to say I like pokemon. YOU may think it’s absurd and childish, but it’s like a desire (similar to those CRAZY Justin Bieber fans…). I put up this piece of information about me as my avatar because this is something that will make people think “Oh, wow. I never knew. This person is different than I thought.” This is something that highlights my inner self.

The Knowledge of Fate

Here’s a random poem:

None shall know true freedom,

’till they set their souls to the skies.

All shall forever know none,

until they separate truth from lies.

They who dream know of greatness;

they who sulk know not but sadness.

And so the world’s  cries are not heard,

for the world its own is in madness.

All who listen cannot be heard;

all who are heard cannot listen.

A destiny’s outcome is precarious

as snowflakes’ branches that glisten.

Therefore, the knowledge of fate

is still beyond our reach.

None shall learn, for there is

nothing of significance to teach. -Anonymous

“I Have a Dream” vs. “A Long Walk to Freedom”

MLK Jr.’s  “I Have a Dream” speech and Nelson Mendela’s “A Long Walk to Freedom” both spoke of the path to equality. They each stated the hardships of the journey and the endurance of the people necessary to accomplish this common goal. Both leaders used anaphora to emphasize certain ideas. Mendela used it to show how South Africa was in a terrible apartheid. MLK Jr. applied the technique to stress his hopes for the future. But Mendela wrote about his life as the oppressed, and MLK stated more of the status of the general public. Basically, they both say the same thing: “We deserve as much liberty as our oppressors. Bravery and passion for all is the key.”

The Struggle for Mendela and MLK Jr.

Two great men in our African history are Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mendela. These brave leaders lived across an ocean from each other, but were striving to accomplish the same things: equal rights and the end of segregation and apartheid. They both realized that courage is not the absence of fear, but the overcoming of it. They knew that they would never achieve their goals if they didn’t stand up in defiance against the oncoming waves of prejudice, and that it is the responsibility and in the power of the people to stand up for their rights. Neither one of them wished for any violence either, because they knew that all men have goodness inside them. But MLK Jr. and Mendela had different opponents. While MLK fought corrupted police officers, Mendela fought the actual government. Although the U.S. government was aware of the segregation against African Americans, they didn’t take action until the protesting mobs forced them too (non-violently).  Sadly, in the end, MLK was assassinated by a prejudiced indivisual.

Mendela, on the other hand spent the majority of his life in prison in Africa, because the corrupted government arrested him. When he got out, he was made president of South Africa. One thing he observed about his country was that anyone of his race who “attempted to live as a human being…… tried to fulfill his duty to his people” or tried to fulfill his obligations to his family was downtrodden. As he grew up, he steadily realized that no one was free, not even the oppressors, who were slaves to hatred. Mendela yearned to free all peoples from injustice and apartheid. His yearning grew when he joined the African National Congress. It was his protests that lead the government to arrest him, but he persisted to fight for freedom even afterwards. Mendela stated that, to truly free all, one must live for virtues that protect and encourage the rights of all people.

Daily Heroism

Although people don’t really notice it, there are heroes all around us. They don’t wear a cape and tights, or have radioactive superpowers, but they DO have a powerful abilities: charisma, determination, and kindness. In fact, we see those kinds of people every day! You may think it’s corny, but your PARENTS are true heroes. When your mom had you, she didn’t give up, even through all that pain. When money is running low, your parents just work that much harder to support you. My Sunday School teacher told us a little story:

Your at school, and YOU decide “Oh, I ‘m gonna go do something stupid like adultery.” Your parents don’t know about it, the teachers don’t care, your friends don’t do anything, and the counselor says “Oh, it’s OK,” and actually GIVES you the stuff to help you do it. Well, you did it, and NOW you’re sick with HIV. You’re taken to the hospital. So WHO’S  going to pay for the hospital bill, huh? Is it your friends…. the teachers….. the counselor who said “Oh, it’s OK”…. or is it your parents? Now things are looking really bad. You’re dying. WHO’S going to spend EVERY SINGLE cent in their pockets, and sell EVERYTHING they have, just to keep you alive? Is it your friends…. the teachers… the counselor who said “Oh, it’s OK”…. or is it your parents? As you’re dying, WHO’S going to sit by your bedside, holding your hand every second of the day? Is it your friends….. the teachers…. the counselor who said “Oh, it’s OK”……. or is it your parents? After you passed away, WHO’S going to grieve ALL their lives because of you? Is it your friends….. the teachers….. the counselor who said “Oh, it’s OK”……… or is it your parents?

Parents are not just little allowance sources or bossy know-it-alls. They’re your FAMILY. They care for you, support you, and they never give up on you. Ever.